MultiStripe By Keys

Plugin WordPress for e-commerce, marketplace and franchise business

It’s a plugin that allows you to connect several Stripe keys to Woocommerce.


The ideal tool for all marketplaces, e-commerce or franchise wishing to have a common collection solution with individual payments for each vendor. 

Multi-Stripe by Keys will therefore allow you to connect your Stripe accounts directly to your products for sale on your WordPress / Woocommerce site only by using your Keys Stripe API.

Are you trying to sell your physical product, your digital products, your online courses, your services? Or even collect recurring payments by selling a subscription product or service?

Multi-Stripe by Keys is the solution for you. Start accepting one-time payments or recurring payments (subscriptions) in 5 minutes directly to your connected accounts.

No coding knowledge is required.

This WordPress plugin will allow you to

What you can do with “Multi-Stripe by Keys” ?

Do you need to connect more than 3 keys Stripe on Woocommerce ?